Sample Work

ActivePatient: Videos, Recipes and a WordPress backend.

Client: Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre
Project: ActivePatient GDM
Summary: Active Patient GDM is a study testing the effectiveness of heath coaching for women with gestational diabetes (diabetes first diagnosed during pregnancy). The keys to managing this condition are healthy eating and physical activity. Part of the intervention involved providing an extensive resource web site that included instructional and motivational videos, advice and recipes. Each participants’ weight and activity was monitored with an internet-connected scale and a bluetooth-enabled pedometer or Fitbit. The data management and the messaging was administered with WordPress as the backend.

  • Collaboration with advisory team of physicians to assemble and edit the content
  • Instructional and motivational videos including downloadable audio files and transcription
  • Recipes in 5 languages
  • Backend PHP programming to capture and process data from digital scales and pedometers
Screen capture of Active Patient GDM Home Page
Page with images of sample videos

Coyote Equipment: WooCommerce to display products

Centeno Kennels: Online reservations

Stableright: Integrated with CanPar for shipping and Square for payments